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Savannah, Georgia 31421

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Helicopter Sales

Since 2004 Southeast Helicopter Inc. has been providing both sales and service to customers throughout the US on the number one selling helicopter in the world, the Robinson R44. Located in sunny and mild Savannah, Georgia, the staff of Southeast Helicopter Inc. can provide general product information, pre-purchase technical assistance, delivery assistance, pilot training and both scheduled and unscheduled service at a cost point unequaled in the industry.

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We know that prospective buyers are not novices when it comes to major purchases for both business and personal use. The competition is ruthless when establishing prices since the manufacturer’s cost is fixed and quite easy to obtain. Southeast Helicopter Inc. is able to compete in the market by controlling operating costs and adding only a very modest margin to the base price of the aircraft.

Robinson R44 Sales

The Robinson R44's capabilities, comfort, reliability and low operating costs make it an exceptional value when considering a solution for executive transport, aerial survey and photography, and utility support. If you would like to get more information or set up a demo flight, please contact us.

As you work your way through the purchase process as a last step, by all means, contact us.

Our prices are the lowest in the industry made possible by accepting profit margins large dealers can not match.

Get your best quote on the R44, then call us last! You won't be disappointed.